If you can dream it, we can build it.

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The picture to the left is an afternoon in the shop and everything seemed to be a palm tree.  So after fighting for a while, I gave into what the hammer and steel wished to be and this is the result.   The material is solid steel with an oil and wax finish.   (Forged Palm Tree) 

The Palmetto Tree to the right is a commissioned piece while working for The Metal Works, Inc.  This item was a great challenge, to get the frauns to develope and maintain the shape of the tree.  The material is steel with a powdercoated finish.  This item is mounted to the top of a brick mailbox. (Forged Palmetto Tree)

The fence to the left is a special commission to complement the house
in the historic district in Charlotte, NC. (Fence)

 Weather Vane fabricated from a set of "fire dogs" is located in Wilmington, NC. 
(Weather Vane)

This project is a commission on the unique side.  The challenge was to forge a fly as close to actual as possible.   (Fly)

 The snake form was another commission that was interesting.  The form is a total of 1/8" thick, 4" wide, and 18" long.   

The chain pull is an item that has intrensic value for the owner.  The pull was fabricated from a flue handle from a previous house.

Allow us to provide you with quality and beauty.